Men’s Summer Colour Trend: Yellow


Men’s Summer Colour Trend: Yellow

Mellow Yellow

IToday we make way for one major colour that has swamped the summer shows; the delightfully season-appropriate yellow.
The inclusion of a – potentially – audacious colour like yellow in a number of this season’s spring/summer collections is hardly surprising. Menswear has favoured the brave this year with a range of bold trends for the warmer months, the likes of daring prints, coloured shoes and even a 90s era influence are having a moment.

Yellow: Choosing a shade
Yellow is often described as the perfect gender-neutral hue. It is deceptively easy to work into your wardrobe because the varying shades can be used to create a number of desired effects. However, the most difficult part of working with yellow is getting the right shade for your skin tone.
Medium to dark skin tones work very well with most colours and tones. Pastel and brighter yellow hues work exceptionally well if you fall into this category. Avoid going too bright with your yellow if you have darker skin tones, as you risk creating too strong of a contrast between the colour and your skin.
Those with a paler skin tone should be careful with pastels as they can make you look a little washed out. Bolder yellows can look great, as do mustard and gold hues, which create strong, flattering contrasts with your skin tone.

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How To Wear
Men’s Yellow Lookbook

How to wear

Look No.1

Coloured chinos have become a perennial favourite and a bold pair in yellow is a fantastic statement piece. Pairing these alongside a short-sleeve printed shirt creates a really on trend and great looking casual outfit for this season.
The sparse pattern on the shirt makes it relatively easy to pull off, although you could choose to cover it up with a neutral ecru crew-neck if the weather turns out to not be all you hoped.
Finally, the navy loafers compliment the yellow chinos to perfection. A few seasons back we saw the camel and navy combination dominate collections. This season, navy has started an affair with the fresher looking younger sister, meaning your should look no further than this staple colour to anchor a brighter yellow.

Look No. 2

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