razor burn rescue

razor burn rescue

What is Razor Burn?

Razor burn is an irritation of the skin that occurs when sensitive areas are shaved or improper techniques to remove hair are followed. In order to suffer the burning, itching, and redness associated with the condition, the hair follicle or surrounding skin is affected. Usually, it is the method of hair removal that causes the signs and symptoms of razor burn, which includes razors (manual or electric), trimming, and even waxing . Tiny cuts made into the skin with a dull blade will also cause razor burn. This outcome is usually referred to as a “razor nick.” A poor electric shaver is known to produce the same effect. Sometimes, one may develop an infection of the skin, as a result of post-hair removal.

Razor burn begins as a mild rash that sometimes vanishes after a couple of hours, but in worst cases, remains on the face for a few days. Severe bouts of razor burn are often accompanied by razor bumps, which generally create the formation of red welts or infected pustules.

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Razor Burn Relief Ultra After Shave Therapy 100ml/3.4oz
This treatment offers triple benefits after shaving
Instantly soothes burning, stinging & redness
Activates skin defense system to boost natural healing process
Continuously comforts & hydrates skin for long lasting results
Fragrance free
Suitable for all skin types

Homme Razor Burn Eliminator 100ml/3.3oz
Gently calms just-shaved skin
Helps get rid of inflammation after shave
Contains 20% of alcohol
Perfect for dry skin
Jack Black
3-in-1 Clear Complexion Solution Razor Bump & Acne Treatment 177ml/6oz
This oil-free solution relieves razor bumps & treats acne blemishes
Acts as a superior astringent for oily & acne-prone skin
Sloughs surface dead skin cells & reveals skin-trapped facial hairs
Unclogs pores that cause acne or blackheads
With hydrating & soothing ingredients to ease dryness & irritation
Fragrance free, paraben free & dermatologist tested
To use: Apply to clean skin or before post shave gel, moisturizer, sun protection
Razor Burn Rescue 40ml/1.5oz
This treatment fights razor burn & shaving irritation
Infuses skin with soothing, moisture-rich antioxidants
Plus redness reducing agents
Removes dead skin & bacteria to unclog hair follicles
Combats blemishes & promotes healthy-looking skin
To use: Apply after shaving

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