Top 5 Social Media Jobs


In the past year, social media has exploded. And that’s good news for social-media job seekers.
Since social media has become such a major part of daily, demand is high for web-wise people with great analytic and communication skills. But what exactly are your career options?
However, you should already know that these social media sites are constantly on the update and so you should be as well. 1. Online Reputation Manager

Analyze Social Media, Find Leaders Track Blogs, News, Social Media, remove negative links from search Manage online corporate reputation

While not strictly a social media position, online reputation managers work with social streams on a daily basis. It’s your task to make sure undesirable online info about your client is removed or pushed as far down the Google results page as possible.

Average salary: $31,000 – $85,000

2. Content Curator

Content Curator is a versatile content management system for online projects.

It’s your role to scour the web and bring back viral videos, articles and images to feed your company’s social platforms. Some products will be created in-house, but no matter where it comes from, you look for content that’s contagious.
Content curation can occur in many shapes and forms and it seems like there is an endless number of tools out there to support the process of identifying great content and distributing it.
Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000

3. Social Media Strategist

Search Engines, Social Media & Mobile are the most disruptive advancements in technology since the Industrial Revolution.
 A great social media strategist must understand content strategy, SEO, have good grasp of social media platforms
 You’re in charge of the whole game—planning what strategic moves to make next, deciding on which platforms to grow communities, and giving your stamp of approval to the content your team shares online, specialize in the research, planning, and implementation of a business’ social media program.

Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000

4. Community Manager

Community managers are empathetic storytellers who are the product’s external voice.
As your company’s resident social butterfly, you develop campaigns or spaces to grow and nurture these virtual connections.
A community manager usually manages an editorial calendar for a blog and various third-party social media channels like a Facebook fan page or a YouTube account.
Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000

5. Social Media Analyst

Social Media Analysts typically come from a marketing background with a heavy reliance on web based technologies.

You track the numbers and establish metrics to determine which social media campaigns are flopping or flying high. Your quantitative brain sees the big picture as you advise your team on their next move—all based on the numbers.
Average salary: $33,000 – $96,000


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