Face masks for men


 Face masks for men or women come in three basic forms. Clay or mud facial masks absorb excess oil restoring your faces natural balance. A peel off facemask particularly ones with AHAs or BHAs give a deep pore exfoliating to clean the skin. The last type is a moisturising mask to hydrate the skin.

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Homme High Recharge Anti-Fatigue Flash Mask 75ml/2.5oz
Contains oligo-vitamins & concentrated pure ginseng
Noticeably reduces stubborn signs of tiredness
Restores energy for skin
Quickly enhances radiance
Provides intense hydration for optimal balance
Skin is refreshed & infused with vitality
 Instant Matification 10 Min Deep Cleaning Treatment Mask ( For Oily Skin ) 1oz
A high performance purifying mask for oily skin & T-zone
Contains mushroom extract to tighten pores & minimize their visibility
With hawthorn extract to combat free radical damage
Vitamin B6 softens skin, prevents acne & controls sebaceous secretion
Rosemary & peppermint essential oils offer antiseptic, purifying & toning action
Leaves skin fresh & fine
Christian Dior
omme Dermo System Detoxifying Matifying Mask 75ml/3oz

A new range of skin care consists of 6 products with advanced ingredients
Boosts cell regeneration & anti-free radical damage to preserve youthfulness of skin
This rich cream dries on skin without cracking
Eliminates impurities & absorbs oil
Clay & abrasive micro powders enhance detoxifying effect & reduce shine
Massage in & rinse off with water
Deep Cleansing Mask 100ml/3.3oz
An absolute deep cleansing beauty mask
Effectively dissolves all the impurities & dirt
Provides a gentle & yet thorough cleansing
Incredibly softens your skin while moisturizing
Promotes a radiant & translucent complexion
Suitable for oily & pore clogged skin types
Normalizing Facial Mask – For Oily or Shiny Skin ( Unboxed ) 50ml/1.7oz
A rich and creamy mask
Promotes a brighter, more radiant complexion
Result: pure, healthy-looking skin
For oily or shiny skin
The quality of this unboxed item will be as fresh & genuine as the original packing
Men Relax Mask ( Sheet-type ) 4sheets

An ultimate relaxing & moisturizing beauty mask
Instantly fades away the signs of fatigue
Helps smooth away the appearance of fine lines
Greatly moisturizes your skin while soothing
Promotes a radiant & healthy-looking appearance
Suitable for tired & stressed skin
Post Shave Recovery Mask 75ml/2.6oz
Powerful, regenerating facial mask
Decongests skin by drawing out grime & impurities
Fast-absorbing macadamia oil moisturizes skin While lavender & rosemary boost the repair of blemishes, shaving nicks & burns
Leaves skin crystal clear, fresh & supple
International Clay Mask ( Balancing Clay Mask ) 100ml/3.4oz
This is a rejuvenating clay mask that helps regenerate skin
Absorbs impurities & excess oil to detoxify skin surface & pores
Contains anti-oxidant to combat free radical damage
Skin appears velvety smooth, purified & radiant
Gives you a good complexion just in 5 minute-rest

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