Exfoliators and face scrubs

Exfoliators and face scrubs

Using an exfoliator or face scrub once a week will remove dead skin cells allowing the newer healthier ones to come through, exfoliating also keeps the skin uncongested resulting in less spots and pimples.
Men Exfoliant Visage 75ml/2.5oz
A gentle dual-action facial scrub
Whisks away dulling flakes, excess oil & impurities
Prepares skin to absorb the most of hydration
Leaves skin feeling smooth, radiant & exhilarated
Apply once or twice a month
Homme Facial Exfoliator 150ml/5.07oz
A foaming cleansing gel deeply cleans skin
Round particles gentle removes dead skin cells
Lifts away impurities & dirt
Helps prevents ingrown hairs
Preps skin for a closer, comfortable shave
Jack Black
Face Buff Energizing Scrub 177ml/6oz
Deep-cleansing pre-shaving cleanser & scrub
Contains small particles to remove dirt & dead skin cells
Gives hydrating, softening, cooling effect for a less-irritating shave
Your razor is able to get closer to minimize razor drag or burn
Regular use prevents in-grown hair by unclogging pores
Colorant-free, paraben-free & dermatologist tested
Skin Supplies For Men: Face Scrub 100ml/3.3oz
Revives and smoothes skin

Removes dead flakes, buildups of oil
Lifts beard hairs
Clears the way for closer shaves
Helps reducing ingrown hairs
Men Exfoliating Microdermabrasion 100ml/3.3oz
A new range of exfoliant that contains micro-crystals
Deeply cleanses skin & sweeps away impurities
Removes dead cells from skin surface
Unveils a refined & smooth skin texture
Leaves skin pure & a revived complexion
Fragrance free
Suitable for all skin types
Energising Skin Scrub 75ml/2.6oz
Primes skin for a clean, smooth shave
Contains marine phytoplankton particles, hops & laurel enriched with vitamin E
Quickly resurfaces & polishes skin
Removes excess oil, dirt & dead skin cells
Helps to prevent in-grown hairs & blemishes
Perfect for all skin types
Men Deep Cleansing Scrub 125ml/4.2oz
A high performance face scrub with excellent cleansing power
Contains botanical scrubbing beads, micro-beads & refining granules
Diminishes roughness, blackheads & dead surface cells
Offers skin a burst of freshness & energy
Leaves skin feeling clean, clear & comfortable
Dermatologist tested
To use: Applyface wiht circular motions,avoiding the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use 1-2 times a week

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