How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

The leather bomber jacket wasn’t originally created to be a stylish item. It was created as a functional item for military personnel to wear. Originally designed in the 1920’s it was strictly a piece of military clothing, when it first arrived.

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Your bomber jacket is going to be the focal point no matter what you put on with it. You might not need to spend a lot of money on them now because gone are the days when one had to pay a fortune to get the jackets. Now there are even materials in the market that are reasonable and do not cost a fortune. You are even sure of picking your color now; there are designers that have come up with multi color bomber jackets to suit all dresses. Put them on skirts with boots and you are sure to flatter many around you as well as the ones who cross you.

Common Variation Cut for Women

This is the same basic jacket that we looked at in the last image. It has a design that is definitely based on the originally military style but it doesn’t have the military patches or any other overdone patriotic stuff on it. The difference between this one and the last one is that this one is specifically cut to the shape of a woman. It retains the same general shape as the men’s leather bomber jacket but it’s styled so that it flatters the shape of a woman. A few nips here and tucks there, a change in the pockets and you go from an unflattering men’s style to a great traditional women’s leather bomber jacket.


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