Секс извън спалнята – интересно и забавно Doing It Outside the Bedroom

Секс извън спалнята – интересно и забавно Doing It Outside the Bedroom

Секс извън спалнята – интересно и забавно Doing It Outside the Bedroom

Who says that sex needs to be confined to the bedroom alone? With a little bit of creativity and an adventurous spirit, sex can be equally thrilling in other places as well. Here’s an insider’s look at the places most suitable for doing the deed.

1. Living Room Couch

If you were using the couch just for watching TV or lazing around, you have been seriously undermining its true potential. Most adventurous couples love to take their passions up a notch, by using their couches to make love. Considering the cramped space and the fact that it is nearly not as comfortable as the bed, one needs to come up with newer techniques, to keep the passions going.

2. The Shower Cubicle

Can there be a sexier start to a day than taking a warm and steamy shower with your lady? The water streaming down her nude skin is enough to signal the start of a passionate overture. The best thing about this is that you need not carry her all the way to a bedroom, if you feel the need to act out on your urges. The shower cubicle is the perfect place to have sex, allowing enough room for passionate embraces and lovemaking. So just turn on the shower and lose yourself in the sexual haze.

3. Kitchen Counter

Consider the following situation: Your girlfriend is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. You sneak up from behind and gently tease her into arousal. To proceed to make love you need only lift her and place her on the counter top and let your bodies run their courses. Not only does having sex on the kitchen counter make for a lovely change of place, but also gives you the brilliant opportunity to shake up your lovemaking approach. Besides, now you can watch over your dinner while having sex (not that you would be paying attention to it.)

4. The Floor

Of all the places to have sex in, the floor is the most underrated and therefore one of the most coveted places. Spread a clean rug on the floor and let your passionate urges take over. The empty spaces without the risk of bumping into other furniture, provides ample room for various positions.

5. The Backseat of Your Car

Who says that you can only feel passionate within the safe confines of your house? The more adventurous couples are taking intercourse to the next level by stepping outside of their comfort zones. So the next time you feel the urge to have sex with your sweetie while driving, stop the car and unleash your inner sexual beast in the backseat. She will never forget the sexual experience. At the end of the day, sex is only a way to physically express your emotions and when passions run high, it shouldn’t have to wait for night time and a cosy bed.


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