15 Habbits of Women Men Don’t Get

15 Habbits of Women Men Don’t Get

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Women like to believe and like you to believe that they can get along perfectly well without a plan. But the truth is they can’t. Everything has to be organised, expected and planned. And this is just the beginning of their quirkiness. Over the years, women have harboured and honed habits that they continue to develop and stick to with fervour. We list a few of those.

1. Going to the ladies room in groups

‘Seriously, what is that all about?’ is what all men think and discuss when all the ladies at their table get up together to visit the ladies room. We, like many others, have tried to decode this habit of women in the past, but there still remains an air of mystery around the ladies room saga. Here is the article about that issue.

2. Giggling

All women giggle. In fact, all women love to giggle. There is nervous giggle, excited giggle, I’m-hiding-a-secret giggle and so on. Women giggle out of habit, but not without reason. And the reason behind the giggle is hardly ever known to the confused man.

3. ‘Am I fat, honey?’

To be honest, women ask this question more out of habit. Yes, they are conscious about their weight and their looks, but many-a-times this question is thrown at a man just because their subconscious says it is time to do. So, the next time she asks you this question, make sure you give an answer that she is habituated to listen to.

4. The face pack

Yes, men know that the face pack promises to give women a glowing, well moisturised skin. But I haven’t met a single man who has genuinely noticed a considerable difference in the way his woman looks after the application of a face pack. In fact, I’m yet to meet a woman who 100% believes that the face pack did ALL that it promised to better her skin. The desire to look better almost always results in the formation of a senseless habit; hence, the once a month face pack routine.

5. Clutch bag

The only thing a clutch can hold is one pair of keys and a lipstick. The rest – comb, phone, tissues, powder, etc – are all stuffed in the dashboard of the car or a man’s pocket. In spite of knowing the uselessness of a clutch, women carry it with them, always. Why?

6. Foot / nail lotion

A cream for the face, hair, body is one thing. But the habit of buying a separate cream for the foot, toes, and nails is something men never understand. The question that crosses a man’s mind is: foot and nails are a part of the body, so why a separate cream for them?

7. Ribbons

Women love ribbons. They like to tie them to their hair, use it to hold paper together, add them to gift packaging and perhaps use them to decorate a hat. Ribbons are a part of every woman’s collection and it is one thing they cannot do without. Creatures of habit?

8. Cleaning and arranging

For most women, cleaning and arranging things in their proper order is a hobby, let alone a habit. They cannot rest till all the blues are lined from light to dark, till the cushions are puffed up right or till the already clean mirror is further cleaned. All men wonder how women go from interesting and zappy in the first date to domestic devils post marriage.

9. Change of clothes

Women love changing clothes. If possible, they would have separate morning, afternoon, evening, night and late-night clothes and go about changing their looks 5 times a day for every day of their life. Alas! Budget and space constraints stop them from following this habit to the T.

10. Yes means No, No means Yes

ALL men agree that they cannot fathom this particular habit of women. For the love of God, why do women have to say yes when they mean no and vice versa?! Maybe, they are just genetically engineered to be this way. Maybe.

11. Frenemies

You know that habit, when women hug each other when they meet but then bad mouth one another behind the back? Yea, that one. This frenemy concept is one which men fail to understand. Coz in the man world, you’re either a buddy or not. Simple.

12. Trick questions

“So, who is hotter? Your ex or the one you were staring at 2 minutes ago” THIS right here is a trick question. She doesn’t care about your ex, she doesn’t care about the other woman, she is mad at you for staring but she won’t tell you that. Instead, she will put you in a spot and absolutely agonise you. And she is doing this out of habit.

13. Screeching

Women screech. They don’t shout or yell, they make that shrieking noise that can burn a hole in a man’s ears. If you don’t know what I am talking about, think of the way in which girls screech when they see their favourite celebrity or pair of shoes they love. Got what I am saying now?

14. Pouting and posing

Women love to pout and pose. All you have to do is stand with a camera in front of them and they will start their performance. While men are perfectly happy to make do with an awkward smile, women feel it imperative to unleash their inner model. Yet again, to do so is their habit and men don’t understand head or tail of it.

15. Shopping

This one is a centuries old issue and men have made peace with it by accepting the fact that women love to shop. Still, if you dig deeper you will know that men simply cannot fathom how women can love shopping so much? How can they make a habit out of a rather tiresome experience? HOW?


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