Top 10 Weird Weddings ever

Top 10 Weird Weddings ever

Tying the knot is something most people want to share with their loved ones and friends, but what happens when fantasy weddings go weird– I mean, really really weird. You get this list of awkward, strange, and simply over-the-top weddings. Keep in mind: Everyone is a beautiful unique flower with different aspirations, right? Right? Yeah… Take a look at what weddings made the list of Top Ten Weird Weddings.

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Gothic wedding

No.1 Gothic, Vampire or Halloween Weddings

Ever thought, Hey I wish I could go to a wedding with just a tad more blood sucking? Well, these folks had the same idea. Who said black was only for funerals. I mean, it is the end of single life as you know it. So get your Victorian inspired garb ready, put on some fake fangs, and stay out of the sun for a few months. Voilà, gothic wedding! Some hardcore fans have taken their vampire love to the next level. Twilight-themed wedding anyone? No one? No one? Well, someone thought it was a fang-tastic idea.


Graffiti wedding

No.2 Ball and Chain and Grills: Ghetto Weddings

With all the politically incorrect labels aside, let’s move on to Ghetto Weddings. Every graffiti lover and hip-hop die-hard deserves their day in the sun too. Why not bind your love over the melodic beats of Bone-Thugs-and-Harmony? And value meals for the entrées? That’s swag. The sanctity of marriage and the union between two souls, promising to love and cherish one another. I mean if we’re looking for a culture that respects and cherishes woman, look no further than hip-hop, right?


Super Mario wedding

No.3 Will You Mario Me: Video Game Wedding

Every guys dream come true, no? All those hours spent trying to beat Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels comes in handy at last! When planning which Mario-esque place setting goes where, you’ll know your Nintendo obsession was just what the Bowser ordered. I just wannna know if on proposing, the groom went down on one knee, and asked the question that all women have been fantasying about since a wee tott: Will you Mario me?


Nude wedding

No.4 Nude Weddings

We know it’s hard bearing your soul, but how about your birthday suit? One couple thought, Let’s show the world how much we love each other, let’s put it all out there. Like, literally. No worries, they did think about logistics and precisely placed bouquets and hats. This couple wed in front of 250 guests wearing nothing more than their wedding bands. Well, the bride wore a painted on white ‘dress,’ while the groom held onto a strategically placed chapeau. Talk about cold extremities…


Wedding in the supermarket

No.5 Wacky Locale Weddings

Hey Sweetie, remember when I met you at the avocado aisle in Whole Foods? So romantic. Yeah, it’s a coincidence that you’ve found someone with your same passion for fruits, but it’s another thing to bind your life together in the cereal aisle. Couples have said their ‘I do’s’ while standing in TJ Max, donut shops, and Home Depot, of all places. Well, look on the bright side, you can vamp up your home décor and get married all in one convenient stop. Cold cuts, anyone?


Superhero wedding

No.6 Superhero & Mascot Weddings

Husband fantasy: tall, dark, and crime-fighting, with a smidge of infantile trauma, and an over-powering desire to avenge his personal wrongs. Oh. That’s a ‘superhero’ fantasy. Not a husband fantasy. Well, the two can be one and the same. And guys, why not get your future wife to don some hot pants à la Wonder Woman even before your Honeymoon night?


World Records Wedding

No.7 World Records Wedding

So, you got a dozen red roses when he proposed? Well, fun math fact: 99,999 is more than a dozen. One groom displayed his love for his future wifey by strewing their wedding locale with almost a 100,000 red roses. Love don’t cost a thing. Well, maybe it costs a truckload of flowers.


Bungee Wedding

No.8 Bungee Wedding

Hey, if your wedding day wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, how about jumping off the edge of a 160 feet platform? A couple did just that with 20 other guests and the officiant on the same platform. A separate platform held the live orchestra that serenaded the two at their sky-high wedding. The two took the plunge shortly after saying ‘I do.’ Talk about taking your metaphors too literally.



No. 9 Zombie Weddings

How can one describe love and all its glorious rainbow-inspired feelings? With a zombie wedding—that’s how. Pairs join together, bonding over their love of necrophilia and the living dead. What will be served at the reception, one wonders. A plate of Uncle David? How will the wedding photos turn out? And who’s going to explain to little Susie that her parents won’t eat her once she goes to bed at night. That will have to be a conversation for later, you know, after the inaugural, flesh-inspired appetizers.


Marrying a Dead Fiancé

No.10 Marrying a Dead Fiancé

This one’s a sad one, folks. A woman decided to go through with the wedding to her dead fiancé who was brutally beaten to death. The wedding occurred in the morgue where the groom’s body lay in an open coffin. The couple’s two children were at the ceremony wearing the clothes they would have worn to the wedding. The bride said “I do,” and the wedding band was placed on her finger, while the bride placed a similar band on her dead fiancé’s finger…


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