Swimwear for Women with Larger Bust Sizes

Swimwear for Women with Larger Bust Sizes

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We couldn’t call ourselves Big Girls if we didn’t carry lots of choices in DD bra sized swimwear and higher – like F and G cup swimsuits. Our early favorites for the swimming season are Sunsets Separates and Tara Grinna for D/DD and F/G cups with bands up to 42. Whether you prefer a sexy bikini in large cup sizes or a tankini or swimdress, you’ll find an astounding selection of prints, flattering swim styles, and cute one piece bathingsuits.Pareo-8622-1_400x0Panache-Mae_Balconette_bikini_fold_pant-_43-_23-0112a31cf8453bc8ecd75e37e786104f49c9NightDay_1pc-with-zipper_1FRONT_blk_1200x180013165745-qt4iCgggNightDay_1pc-Asymetric_1FRONT_Blk_1200x180044694271e508cc0a7386b97aa95a8ddb

Our best selling tankini in D, DD, E, F & G is the Twist Front Tankini by Sunsets Separates – you’ll love the fit and the look!

Разгледайте нашият интернет магазин http://shop.euro-woman.net/

и използвайте възможността от безплатна доставка и промоции!



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